Veronica Ferres
Name: Veronica Ferres

Veronica Ferres is one of Germany‚Äôs highest paid actresses. Her career began in the theatre then transitioned onto the screen, appearing in German movies and TV shows, and steadily becoming a more recognizable name. She gained particular notoriety in the U.S. when she appeared in the made-for-TV production of Les Mis?©rables starring G?©rard Depardieu in 2000, playing the tyrannical Madame Th?©nardier. She made another notable splash with American audiences in 2006's Klimt before signing on for the sobering drama Adam Resurrected, about an asylum for Holocaust survivors.

She first sprang to fame as Pierre Richards co start in the French TV movie Sans Famille and as the horrible Mme. Th?©nardier in the 2000 French TV miniseries Les Mis?©rables.