Sabrina Parisi
Name: Sabrina Parisi

European/American celebutante socialite, author, actress, model, businesswoman, television personality and champion breeder Sabrina Parisi seems to have done it all. She founded Dolce Sinfonia which is porbably the most well known champion & glamorous bloodline of Yorkshire Terriers in the world. In 1997 Sabrina founded Dolce Sinfonia Fashion & Collection an exclusive brand name with exclusive products for the trendy pet and the trendy owner.

Author of best seller book "Passport Of A Champion" which was was released in Europe throughout Europe in 2006. As well as é─˛Nightingaleé─˘s Adventuresé─˘ and é─˛Just a Short Story of Nightingaleé─˘ that were released in the USA, Europe and South Africa.

Sabrina has been involved with animal cause fund raising events in Beverly Hills and Hollywood and Sabrina and her dogé─˘s photos have been published in many magazines worldwide. She is the founder and president of America health For All, a non for profit organization for those individuals that cannot afforn medical and/or veterinary care.