Heidi Klum
Name: Heidi Klum
Hobbies/Interests: art, fitness, food & drink, scuba diving, ballet
Endorsements: Rich; Fila; Guess; Tourneau; CKE Restaurants - Carl's Jr
Charities: Education Africa; Feeding America; Make-A-Wish Foundation ; Starlight Children's Foundation; The Art of Elysium

A supermodel with the brains to create her own empire, Heidi Klum hit gold with a perfect amalgam of high fashion and reality TV. Born in Germany, Klum began modeling when she was just a teenager, after submitting photos to a German modeling agency on a whim. She toured Europe as a model, eventually coming to the United States, where she found even greater success. He star factor was cemented by her posing for the coveted cover of Sports Illustrated in 1998. Klum became a spokesmodel for Victoria's Secret, and also began taking some small roles in films, like 2000's Blow Dry. In 2004, she became the executive producer and host of a show on Bravo called Project Runway, in which fashion design hopefuls were presented with a variety of challenges and judged on their talent and ability, facing an elimination in every episode until a winner was crowned. The show was a huge hit, and Klum became even more of brand in and of herself.