James Dyson
Name: James Dyson

James Dyson invented many things before he struck gold and became famous for his work with vacuum cleaners. His first invention was the sea truck, which launched in 1970, and sold for upwards of $500 million. Following this, Dyson worked with modifying wheelbarrows, making a Ballbarrow, a wheelbarrow that used a ball instead of a wheel. He went on to invent the Trolleyball, a trolley that launched boats, and the Wheelboat.

It was in the 1970s that Dyson started his work with vacuum cleaners. He had the idea to use cyclonic separation for vacuums so that they would not have to lose suction during cleaning. His idea came about because he was frustrated with his own Hoover vacuum; dirt would fill up and clog the bag and then the vacuum would lose suction.

In 1983, after five years of development and over 5,000 prototypes, Dyson launched the G-Force cleaner in Japan through catalogues. His product couldn't launch in his native UK because distributors and manufacturers didn't want to disturb the cleaner-bag market. Despite this set back, Dyson received the 1991 International Design Fair prize in Japan.

In 2006, Dyson launched a hand dryer with an air stream of 400 mph. James Dyson is a shining example of how an idea or invention can make you a successful entrepreneur and business person. In 2008, it was estimated that his work was worth over 1 billion and his invention has revolutionised not only the vacuum cleaner world but the appliances world in general.